AP Sensing Selected for Fuel Tank Tension Ring Monitoring in Fujaireh

A liquid petroleum storage facility wanted to increase their capacity up to 24 tanks, while at the same time replacing their simple, stand-alone pneumatic design with a fiber-optic based DTS solution. Read on to learn why AP Sensing's Linear Heat Series was selected...


The expansion of the GPS Chemoil facility in Fujaireh to 24 tanks was accomplished with one 8 km DTS system, with a second DTS system used to monitor the pump house.

The tank farm now enjoys all the advantages of a fiber optic DTS system:

  • A passive sensor cable that is impervious to dirt, smog, extreme temperatures, and EMI
  • ATEX certification down to Zone 0 (safe to use in potentially explosive environments, thanks to AP Sensing's low-power laser)

The sensor cable is mounted around the tension ring at the top of the tank and also secured to the side wall. The cable can withstand temperatures beyond 750 °C for over 2 hours. This gives the client the ability to not only detect a fire, but to monitor its effect on the tank by looking at the tank wall temperature from base to roof. This vital information gives emergency responders the benefit of knowing if the tank wall is nearing failure temperature or if the tank deluge systems are cooling the walls as they should.

AP Sensing's SmartVision software suite gives the client real-time information on the temperatures around each and every tank. The software maps the temperature information to the tank layout. In addition, the Modbus interface gives the site control system the same information for process control solutions in the event of a fire.


Oil terminal monitoring and tank fire detection has come a long way from simple stand-alone pneumatic designs. AP Sensing strives to meet customer demands, giving tank farm operators more vital information that protects their assets and can save lives.