Transmission and Distribution Network Operator chooses DTS & RTTR

A leading Australian network operator wanted to gain more insights into its distribution network. These insights include condition monitoring of the medium voltage power cable, identification of hotspots and bottlenecks, and minimizing risks and costs for maintenance and in emergency situations.

Therefore, AP Sensing’s Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) solution was selected in order for the customer to maximize its assets and take advantage of the related operational cost savings with a noticeable improvement in the network’s efficiency. With an eye toward future growth, the operator decided on a six-channel model of AP Sensing’s DTS technology, keeping two channels in reserve. The DTS continuously measures the real-time temperature at the sheath or jacket of the cable. This data, combined with the cable’s load, is continuously fed into a Real Time Thermal Rating (RTTR) or Dynamic Cable Rating (DCR) engine and individually modeled per thermal section. This provides both steady-state and transient thermal analysis.

AP Sensing’s solution exceeded all of the client’s requirements and provided a new level of insight into the network’s status.

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