Six Month Update on AP Sensing's Support for CARE Project

In March 2022, AP Sensing donated to a CARE humanitarian project to help over 450,000 people affected by the violence in Ukraine. The project focuses on supporting refugees with basic necessities and access to health services.

What actions have been taken

We are proud to share that with our support, over 320,000 people have received food packages, health services such as medications, water, sanitation and hygiene supplies, and access to safe shelter and basic necessities. Household items such as blankets were distributed, medical equipment was purchased, and accommodations were equipped with mattresses. In Poland, over 85,000 people have benefitted from cash and voucher aids, technical support to build and repair housing, and newly created job opportunities to help gain a new sense of normal. To support Ukrainian refugees in Germany, AP Sensing is assisting our partner CARE in delivering school start-up kits for children to resume their education. With our help, over 3,000 packages including pencils, satchels and exercise books have been arranged. Up to 24,000 refugees in Romania have been provided with psychosocial support, food aids and hygiene kits. The same has been done in Georgia, with over 1,800 people receiving food and hygiene kits as well as legal counsel.

Through our partnership with CARE, AP Sensing aims to help those in need. We hope to make an impact in trying times and will continue to support humanitarian activities to make the world a better place.

Watch CARE’s humanitarian work here

About CARE

CARE was founded in 1945 and became an international organization that is active in over 90 countries. For more information on the organization, visit

*The photo used on this page is copyright CARE/Roman Yeremenko.