Well and Reservoir Monitoring

Well and Reservoir Monitoring

Production Optimization and Management

Well and Reservoir Monitoring
Well and Reservoir Monitoring
Well and Reservoir Monitoring


Enhanced oil and gas recovery with cutting-edge Distributed Fiber Optic technology, even in the most hazardous environments

Today's oil and gas reservoir management requires real-time continuous downhole monitoring for optimal economic and operational performance. When a reservoir engineer has a thorough understanding of the production and injection dynamics, he can optimize production and maximize recovery. Unlike conventional production monitoring systems, Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology are highly effective for determining differential reservoir depletion, cross-flow between reservoir layers and other near-wellbore effects. The continuous sensor element - a well-protected optical fiber - leaves no area unmonitored and delivers gapless information about the inflow and axial flow along the entire asset in real time. Utilizing only one single passive fiber cable, our solutions deliver thousands of measuring data points along the cable. AP Sensing’s solution enables intelligent completions with continuous downhole monitoring and flow control.

Our proven field reliability and the industry's lowest maintenance costs can help you with steam flood management, completion integrity, artificial lift monitoring and horizontal well profiles.

Furthermore, AP Sensing’s DTS and DAS quickly detect leaks by continuously monitoring temperature profiles and acoustic signatures. If fracturing fluids are leaking past a frac plug during fracturing, the operator immediately receives an alarm notification and the precise location of the leak event. Our solutions are built robustly to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. They utilize a single passive fiber optic cable, reducing installation and maintenance costs to a minimum.


AP Sensing’s DTS solution gathers wellbore temperature data in real time, giving the operator a precise display of the condition of the well. With continuous temperature profile and trend analysis, production yields are achieved, tracking well production changes over time. In-flow along the production area, wellbore integrity and artificial lift performance are continuously monitored 24/7. By evaluating the long-term reservoir response to completion, the operator is enabled to optimize the production. Leaks or faulty valves are immediately detected, and the operator is informed about the precise location of the leak event.


AP Sensing’s DAS system gathers the noise into flowrates from individual zones. Abnormal acoustic information is identified, and the operator receives a precise display of the condition of its valves and pumps. This enables predictive maintenance. DAS measures vibrations and acoustic signals, enabling the detection of leaks and small flow changes, where conventional monitoring technology is not efficient. The DAS technology assesses the flow behavior across the entire length of the wellbore at the perforation level, giving you the ability to identify perforations contributing to production in real time and inform the operator if the perforation is plugged or allowing fluid to pass through it. Flow data is generated at each point along the asset and historical waterfall data is recorded and processed. DAS mitigates potential site risks through early detection of unintentional fracturing of the reservoir. Furthermore, DAS provides accurate measurements of frequency, phase and amplitude along the entire length of the asset.


AP Sensing's SmartVision suite shows the condition of your well and reservoir at a glance, controlled by an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). It seamlessly integrates many technologies, such as DAS, DTS and other sensors into a single platform. Alarms are shown on the screen in an emergency situation, and the operator is directly informed about the location of the critical incident. Temperature graphics and hotspot tables are readily available.

Drawing on our HP/Agilent heritage in optical test leadership, we have established ourselves as the leading solution provider for distributed optical sensing. We remain committed to delivering well-designed, comprehensive solutions.


Why you should choose AP Sensing!

Feature Benefit
DTS interrogator operating temperature range -40 °C to +65 °C  …no additional heating or cooling units required.
DTS IP66 outdoor housing …cost-effective deployment with environmental protection.
DTS ultra-low power consumption ...suitable for solar power operation.
Superior coherent optical time domain reflectometry (COTDR) for DAS ...longest range, high sensitivity and high linearity for DAS.
Integrated switch and autonomous scheduling functionality …remote monitoring of multiple wells.
Standard interfaces and integrated trace memory ...reduces service and support costs.
Highly reliable and cost-effective ...improved management of reservoirs, wellbores and completions.

Application Fields


Our solutions offer robust and reliable asset protection for various application areas, including:

  • Track well production changes over time
  • Monitoring of production and injection profiling in horizontal wells
  • Unconventional plays, waterflooded reservoirs, Thermal and Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects
  • Borehole seismic evaluation services and seismic profiling
  • Information on reservoir and well stimulation and depletion efforts
  • Full wellbore temperature coverage
  • Assessment of cement quality
  • Real-time monitoring success of fracking operations and fracture visualization
  • Supply in-flow distribution along the reservoir and verify and allocate cross flow
  • Detect early water, steam (SAGD), or gas breakthrough and its location
  • Check integrity of casing and completion by downhole Leak Detection
  • Monitor and optimize gas lift valve operation
  • Monitoring of artificial lift performance, and wellbore integrity
  • Geothermal monitoring
  • Subsea umbilical and flowline monitoring
  • Monitoring of Steam Assisted Gravitational Drainage (SAGD) or Cyclic Steam Stimulation wells



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