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Passion for Plants: AP Sensing's Tree Planting Program
Passion for Plants: AP Sensing's Tree Planting Program
Passion for Plants: AP Sensing's Tree Planting Program
Passion for Plants: AP Sensing's Tree Planting Program

Making Earth Cooler

AP Sensing monitors your assets, whether it's your power grid, traffic tunnel or regional train system. But we realize that there are other assets worth protecting.

About the Program  

For every fiber optic sensing interrogator (DAS/DTS/DVS) sold, AP Sensing plants 100 trees in Malawi. This is made possible through a partnership with the NGO WeForest that began in the last quarter of 2019. We also grow additional trees every quarter to compensate for the impact of our AP Sensing business travel.

Why is AP Sensing Planting Trees?

  • Climate protection and carbon sequestration
  • Forest restoration
  • Social impact (increased incomes from forest-friendly livelihoods for local communities, improved water supply and soil quality, and sustainable agriculture)

About the Project – Malawi

Although officially protected since 1927, forest resources in southwest Malawi's Mount Mulanje Biosphere Reserve are under severe pressure due to high poverty levels, population growth and increasing demands for land and energy resources, combined with ineffective governance systems of natural resources. This project aims to reverse the deforestation and degradation of Mount Mulanje's forests through community-based forest management, engaging 13,500 families to create and strengthen community-led governance structures that will protect and restore over 7,500 hectares of miombo co-management areas within the forest reserve. It will also create new income generating models like beekeeping to support local communities and reduce pressure on forest resources through improved cookstoves and by creating new, sustainable sources of fuelwood in agroforestry. 

Effects of Tree Planting

Trees are essential to the world we live in - affecting the planet, local communities, plant and animal species, air and water supply, and our overall health. Tree growing is a solution with countless benefits such as decreased pollution and cleaner air, reduced effects of climate change, and increased biodiversity and animal habitats. AP Sensing cares about our environment and our environmental impact, which is why we want to do our part to protect it and ensure its longevity.

At AP Sensing we work with passion for our customers and we take social responsibility. We are not only Leading the Way with Passion but also have Passion for Plants.

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