Christmas Donation Supports Childhood Education in Refugee Camp

At Christmastime in 2013 AP Sensing contributed to the CARE organization to support education projects in Daadab, Kenya, site of the world's largest refugee camp. Read on to learn about the effectiveness of these measures under extremely difficult conditions. (Photo: CARE/Wilke)


At AP Sensing we recognize the importance of social responsibility. As a successful mid-sized company we are proud to make a contribution when it can make a difference and help others in need.

Due to our worldwide presence we often see firsthand how difficult life can be for people living in poverty or for victims of natural disasters. At the same time we want to recognize the hard work and dedication of organizations that improve conditions for the needy.

How our donation was used

The Dagahaley Camp is one of Daadab's largest, with some 95,000 people, of which one third are between the ages of 3 and 14. Many of the children have lived their entire lives in the camp. A good education gives them hope and the tools they need for a better future.     

 What were the goals and what was achieved?

  • For children aged between 3 and 5, the goal was to make early education available for an additional 2,000 children. Altogether 2,858 additional children could start school at an early age; of these 54% were girls.

  • The next goal was to acquire an additional 1,000 school books for the children. In total, 1,328 new school books were obtained.

  • The next goal was to acquire 2,000 additional school uniforms; a total of 2,516 new uniforms could be acquired.

  • The next goal was to train an additional 27 new teachers. Due to relocations and personal reasons only 22 new teachers could be trained.

  • Finally, it was hoped that 4 new classrooms could be built. Altogether 5 new classrooms were built, which lowered the ratio of pupils to teachers from 112:1 to 61:1.

The CARE organization has been relieving hardships worldwide for over 60 years. Together with other donors, a lot was achieved for the refugee children in Dadaab.