Taiwan Mass Rapid Transit Selects AP Sensing for Power Cable Monitoring

AP Sensing, together with our local partner NEC, have been selected to monitor the power cable in a brand new metro tunnel. This is the first monitoring system for a power cable to be used in the Taiwan MRT...

The Linear Power Series continuously monitors the temperature of high-voltage power cables that serve the Songsan and Xinyi metro lines. The DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) solution enables a stable, safe and efficient power transmission and distribution.

Together, both lines have over 80km of sensor fiber installed. They provide real-time, continuous temperature monitoring of the power cable in the tunnels, greatly enhancing the security of the underground MRT station and its passengers, as well as protecting valuable metro assets

System Configuration

Two Linear Power Series DTS units monitor the power cables in the metro lines, and each unit is equipped with one interface box to access via the Modbus protocol over RS232, RS422 and RS485, as well as over TCP/IP.

Why was AP Sensing Selected?

AP Sensing's solution best fulfilled the customer requirements: a very high level of overall system reliability in order to protect valuable assets and ensure passenger safety.

The Linear Power Series uses a class 1M laser, which is inherently safe and enables continuous operation even in case of a fiber break. Its open interfaces (LAN / Modbus) allow for easy integration to SCADA systems. With the lowest failure rate in the industry, AP Sensing provides a stable and virtually maintenance-free temperature monitoring solution.