AP Sensing Presents a FOSA Webinar!

This Thursday, March 18 at 4:00PM CET/11:00 AM EDT we're presenting in a complimentary Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA) webinar on rail monitoring.


Register here for "Advanced AI Techniques applied to Rail Monitoring using Fiber Optic Sensing".

About the presentation:

AI technologies are becoming increasingly sophisticated and beginning to penetrate more areas of our lives. The webinar demonstrates the use of modern AI technologies as Neuronal Networks in combination with Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) technologies for applications in rail monitoring. In particular, progress in Convolutional Neuronal Networks has the potential to accelerate the development of beneficial applications of DFOS for rail monitoring. In this FOSA webinar, we show various examples demonstrating how AI technologies can be used to derive multi-scale information from the DFOS data, and how the multi-scale information can be used for track-selective train monitoring. Training is a key success factor in using Neuronal Networks, and many steps are necessary in order for a Neuronal Network with millions of free parameters to becomes a DFOS application which is able monitor and track fast moving trains in real time. The presentation also illustrates the processes from data recording via pre-processing, training and optimization up to the implementation of a Neuronal Network. 

About the speakers:

Dr. Bernd Drapp studied physics at the University of Tübingen and received his PhD in integrated optics. From his scientific and industrial research work with Fraunhofer and international technology companies he has extensive knowledge in fiber-optic sensor technology. Bernd has more than 15 years of work experience in AI. He directs the research and development activities of AP Sensing's data science department.

Daniel Gerwig studied Business Informatics at the University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart, Germany. He joined AP Sensing in 2010 as a technical support engineer, commissioning Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing solutions in different market segments and projects worldwide. Today, Daniel is heading the European business for AP Sensing across all markets, including fire detection, power cable monitoring and pipeline monitoring.