AP Sensing Monitors Saudi Arabian Phosphate Conveyor

A fire can have detrimental effects on mining operations, which is why MA'ADEN (Saudi Arabian Mining Co.) recently deployed an AP Sensing fiber optic Linear Heat Detection (LHD) system for complete fire detection and monitoring coverage of a conveyor belt. The 1.3km phosphate conveyor belt is located both above and below ground, and is monitored by two N4387B LHD interrogator units as well as our certified fiber optic sensing cable. For this project, AP Sensing's solution provides quick and reliable fire detection by identifying hot spots and potential fires both along the belt and hot rollers of the conveyor belt.



Our modern LHD technology provides an ideal solution for continuous conveyor belt monitoring and is unaffected by harsh environmental conditions such as dirt, dust, corrosion, wind, high humidity, extreme temperature changes and explosive environments (ATEX/ IECEx). The system also offers dynamic fire detection techniques utilizing rate of rise alarming, difference to zone average, freedom of relay assignment and the remote reset of alarms. 

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