AP Sensing Monitors Prestigious Saudi Arabian Tunnel

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) Tunnel, Riyadh-KSA

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is one of the Kingdom’s most ambitious and distinguished projects, spread across an area of 1.6 million m2 with 59 towers. These towers accommodate 12,000 residents and are interconnected using  a network of underground road tunnels. AP Sensing was selected by KAFD to monitor these road tunnels using our Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection (FO LHD) monitoring solution.

Altogether, four 2 km dual channel AP Sensing FO LHD units were installed in a redundant, looped configuration to ensure uninterrupted coverage and a fault tolerant design.

44 external relays and a Modbus TCP/IP interface were used to ensure that all relevant data is transmitted to the fire panel and SCADA system.


With the industry’s most comprehensive set of certifications and product tests, professional support and services, and expert regional partners, the operators can rest assured that they have attained the highest possible level of environmental and passenger safety for this valuable infrastructure.

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