AP Sensing's solution for 380 kV Underground Power Line Monitoring in Brugg

Brugg Kabel & SwissGrid selected AP Sensing to monitor a new project at the Gaebihuebel in Switzerland, when a route of overhead lines was replaced by the first 380 kV underground power lines. This required a trustworthy and robust power cable monitoring system to meet high safety standards while maximizing circuit operations. 

Therefore, the choice was made for AP Sensing’s 12-channel Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system along with our SmartVision software. It provides accurate temperature profiling for all power cable phases, plus indicates maximum temperatures and where these are located along the entire circuit. The system uses passive fiber optic cables which are non-intrusive and immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI).  

In summary, Brugg Kabel & SwissGrid were able to successfully ensure the safety of the underground power lines with help of the DTS system, and this way laid the foundation for future extension of the power supply system in central Switzerland and the region of Zurich. 

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