Energie Steiermark Selects AP Sensing for Power Cable Monitoring

The Energie Steiermark is Austria’s 4th-largest energy company, focused on providing its customers with electricity, natural gas, and district heating. Located in scenic southwestern Austria, Energie Steiermark employs approximately 1,750 employees worldwide.


In 2012, when it was time to upgrade and expand their network, Energie Steirmark selected AP Sensing as their DTS solution Provider.


Energie Steiermark operates the “Grazer-Ring”, the 110 kV high-voltage power network that serves the city of Graz and the Steiermark region. The Energie Steiermark has deployed a fiber-optic based DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) solution for several years already, to monitor its network.

In 2012, when it was time to upgrade and expand their network, Energie Steirmark selected AP Sensing as their DTS solution provider. Two of AP Sensing’s Linear Power Series DTS devices were installed, equipped with Multi Sensor Boards.

Energie Steiermark also selected AP Sensing’s SmartVision software suite for data storage, analysis, and asset visualization. SmartVision was deployed on the existing virtual server infrastructure and can be accessed from every client.  

The initial project phase has been completed, encompassing two 110 kV cable systems of about 10 km length for temperature monitoring. Relay contacts and the IEC60870-5-104 protocol are used for the connection to the SCADA platform.

Additional project phases are planned through 2017, which will then include eleven 110 kV cable systems and 50 km of cable temperature monitoring.