AP Sensing Extends Support to CARE's Earthquake Relief Efforts in Morocco

In September 2023 Morocco experienced a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake. More than 2,900 lives were lost and 5,500 people were injured in the tremor and its aftershocks. AP Sensing responded to the immediate needs of affected communities by donating to CARE, a relief organization with a longstanding presence in Morocco.

CARE has adapted its existing programs to meet the evolving needs in Morocco. The initial response included providing hot meals, clean drinking water, emergency shelter, and medical support to families directly impacted by the earthquake. Recognizing the importance of addressing the emotional toll on survivors, CARE is also offering psychosocial support to those who experienced trauma. To date, CARE has reached 160 affected families with blankets, food, clean drinking water and hygiene products, and is continuing its support.

As we reflect on the ongoing relief efforts, we extend our appreciation to CARE and all organizations involved in the response. Together, we look forward to witnessing the continued progress and positive outcomes in the recovery journey of the affected regions.

While this donation is not part of our traditional Christmas donation, we believe in the importance of extending our assistance beyond the holiday season to address critical needs in communities facing challenges.

About CARE

CARE was founded in 1945 and quickly became an international organization that is active in over 90 countries. CARE provides relief in war zones, disaster areas and regions afflicted by poverty. For more information on CARE and its impactful work, visit www.care.org or www.care.de.

*The photos used on this page are copyright CARE 2023.

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