Fifty-two km High Voltage Subsea Power Link Denmark - Germany & Upcoming Power Events is the Danish operator of natural gas and high-voltage electrical transmission systems, also for interconnections to Norway, Sweden and Germany. Read on to learn why AP Sensing was selected to monitor the 52 km subsea links...



Two AP Sensing Linear Power Series devices with 30 km, and one with 12 km, were installed for these subsea links. The two 30 km devices, installed at each end, measure non-terminating sensor cable with a length of 45 km. The trace data from these devices is combined in the SmartVision database to provide operators with one coherent 45 km temperature trace for the total run.

The specific needs for this installation, apart from outstanding reliability and stability, included:

  • Both rack and IP66 wall-mounted housings were required (compact space, low power, no need for a temperature-controlled environment)
  • No co-located Windows PC is required
  • Trace data from all 3 devices is simultaneously collected in the SmartVision software database
  • SmartVision runs on a virtual Windows 2012 server: highly available, easy to maintain, and accessible within the organization


The planning, installation processes and the support from AP Sensing's Project Engineering team, working in close cooperation with's engineering staff, were considered to be key factors in this successful subsea project.

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