AP Sensing 2022 Christmas Donation Supports Relief Efforts in Jordan

At AP Sensing, we are dedicated to the well-being of others. Not only does our asset monitoring technology directly impact the safety of human lives, but we also invest into social responsibility efforts concentrated on our “Passion for Plants” and “Passion for People”. With a focus on our environment or “plants”, we have planted 166,000 trees so far, which is an equivalent of 3 trees per AP Sensing employee per workday. Our “Passion for People” focus is encompassed by this year’s Christmas donation, which we are excited to announce!

AP Sensing’s 2022 Christmas donation contributes to schooling and protection for Syrian and Jordanian children in extreme poverty. Our trusted partner, CARE e.V., already began work in Jordan in 1948 to meet the needs of Palestinian refugees displaced with the creation of Israel. Jordan continues to offer a safe haven to those fleeing conflict, and hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived from Iraq and Syria over the last decade. Since 2011 until today, the country has been home to more than 1.36 million Syrians who have fled the conflict in Syria, including 44,269 at the Azraq refugee camp where CARE works to meet their needs.

However, Jordan has very limited resources and is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world.  In addition, unemployment is high and conflicts in neighboring countries threaten stability.

CARE works with refugees and host communities to help them deal with the effects of conflict, economic disparity, discrimination and a fragile resource base. With the Conditional Cash for Protection and Education Program, CARE e.V. supports the return of children to a protective school environment. To strengthen child protection, the CARE Children’s Education Board was established to give children a voice and strengthen their rights. The school-based committee aims to encourage refugee children to become active and vocal representatives of their age groups and to share their opinions and experiences with key representatives of e.g. the United Nations and the government.

AP Sensing is privileged to fund a portion of these efforts in Jordan with our donation. We would like to thank all our customers and partners who made this donation possible with another successful year in 2022.

Past Christmas Donations

AP Sensing’s past Christmas donations contribute to the following causes and regions:

About CARE

CARE was founded in 1945 and quickly became an international organization that is active in over 90 countries. CARE provides relief in war zones, disaster areas and regions afflicted by poverty. For more information on the organization, visit www.care.org. For more information on the project in Jordan, please visit this website (German language).

*The photo used on this page is copyright CARE 2022.