AP Sensing Selected to Monitor World's Longest XLPE Subsea Link

The best technology for the world's longest XLPE subsea cable: Read on to learn why AP Sensing was selected to supply the DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) solution...


AP Sensing is proud to announce that we have been selected to supply the DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) system to monitor the longest XLPE subsea cable link in the world.

The 300 kV DC subsea cable will deliver power from Sweden to Lithuania, providing a significant portion of Lithuanian's energy requirements.

The cable link was produced by ABB Karlskrona comprising a 400 km submarine route. The entire cable route, including land sections, is 450 km.

Three AP Sensing DTS devices will be employed in the installation, which will interface with the SCADA system. Current plans call for service to begin in 2015 with a total capacity of 700 MW.

Because of the economic and political importance of the project, for both Europe and the Baltic states, reliability and security were the key criteria for the selection of a fiber-optic based DTS solution.

AP Sensing is proud to have been selected for this important infrastructure project, and is moving forward immediately with the planning and implementation project phases.