Mecca Clock Tower Expands DTS Coverage

The Mecca Royal Clock Tower originally implemented a DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) solution from AP Sensing to monitor the enormous media walls with their 2 million LED lights. After years of issu-free operation, it was decided to expand to the DTS coverage to include the crescent itself, as well as the technical and loudspeaker rooms below.

The crescent is 23 m high and weighs some 35 tons, with a complex series of lighting inside. The massive loudspeakers and their power supply are located in the minaret base and emit calls to prayer that can be heard 7 km away. Some 21,000 lamps illuminate the base, which can be seen 30 km away.

Two DTS devices monitor the spire, amplifier room and the crescent base and an additional 2 devices monitor the flashing lights along the cables inside the crescent.

This fully-redundant setup ensures uninterrupted monitoring even in the unlikely case of a fiber break or system fault. The ability toconfigure up to 256 zones per section means individual portions can be individually monitored.

The latest AP Sensing DTS Mecca Clock Tower project reduced the overall complexity and zone mapping, thanks to the efficient setup methodology. Extremely valuable assets remain protected.