Valuable asset protection for leading glass manufacturer

In a modern glass production factory, AP Sensing’s Linear Heat Series was selected to monitor and protect the valuable assets in a family-run, 400-year-old maker of glass products and exclusive flacons for the perfume industry...


A family-owned glass-making company is proud of their 400-year tradition. Among their many satisfied customers are all of the leading perfume companies, who value the high quality and attention to individual design details for the flacons that are produced in southern Germany.


During the glass-making process, when glass is melted, the temperature can reach 1500°C. Thanks to the AP Sensing solution’s ability to divide the length of the sensor cable (in this case, 600 meters) into the required number of pre-defined zones, with the appropriate alarm criteria defined for each zone, the installation is perfectly adapted to the customer’s requirements.


Working together with our regional partner Tyco, this flexible alarm concept was used to define 5 alarm criteria within each zone in order to take the higher temperatures in the melting areas into account, as well as the seasonal temperature fluctuations near the roof.


In addition, a specialized high-temperature sensor cable was deployed that is designed to operate at continuous temperatures of up to 150°C. The system is connected to the central fire panel (the Zettler control panel from Tyco).


       Sensor fiber installed along the production line

With the AP Sensing solution, valuable assets remain protected with all the advantages of a rugged, modern DTS system: no area is left unmonitored and the sensor cable is not affected by dirt, smoke, or EMI. The customer is already well into the planning stages for a 2nd DTS installation.