Railway Monitoring and Train Tracking

Railway Monitoring and Train Tracking

Fiber Optic Sensing
for Train and Rail Monitoring

Railway Monitoring and Train Tracking
Railway Monitoring and Train Tracking
Railway Monitoring and Train Tracking
Railway Monitoring and Train Tracking


Today's railroad services need to operate efficiently and safely, while maximizing customer experience by assuring excellent quality of service. 

Rail Monitoring is becoming increasingly important in today's environment - including the capacity for Train Location, Asset Monitoring, Third Party Interference Monitoring and Fire Detection in Cable Ducts. AP Sensing's Rail Monitoring solution provides various benefits that include increased information, safety, efficiency, capacity and cost savings.

In conjunction with a track-side fiber optic cable infrastructure, AP Sensing's Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system can detect and supply information about the exact position, speed and direction of moving trains in the network in real time. In contrast to conventional block status information, this spatially continuous information facilitates a smart traffic management that goes beyond previous system limits. Continuous train information enables travel at variable spacing. As a result, braking and acceleration processes can be minimized, and energy efficiency increased. This allows a higher train density and thus an increased capacity of the existing rail network. In addition, a range of real-time travel information is possible. The data from our DAS system provides information on the condition of vehicles and routes, as well as wear and tear over time. This provides the ability to conduct preventative and predictive maintenance.

Our technology supports the digitalisation of railways and helps to optimize operations. It enables preventive and predictive maintenance, minimizing unscheduled service disruptions. Our DAS system also increases safety by assuring train integrity and detecting people or falling objects on the tracks. Intrusion, vandalism and cable theft are detected and precisely located with the AP Sensing DAS.

To address the high safety standards and requirements in the railroad environment, a DAS system can successfully supplement complementary sensor technologies in a Sensor Fusion system. DAS data can be easily integrated into any centralized rail management system.

AP Sensing is the Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solution provider for optimizing your railroad operations. 


AP Sensing's Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), together with our unique SmartVision™ asset visualization and data management software, gives you the ideal solution to optimize and protect your railway infrastructure. Our DAS is based on the unique 2P squared technology and is the solution for various railway infrastructure applications.

Our Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) offers continuous temperature monitoring along the entire fiber optic cable, e.g. along cable ducts. This enables heat/fire detection and location within cable ducts and cable trays, and inside train and metro stations. Systems are completely certified for fire detection (VdS, UL, FM, IECEx, SIL). 

Ask AP Sensing: Fiber Optic Sensing for Railway Monitoring


AP Sensing's SmartVision management suite shows the location, velocity and direction of trains and the condition of your assets at a glance, controlled by an easy-to-use graphical interface. It seamlessly integrates many sensors including DAS, DTS and CCTV into a single platform. Circuit layouts are mapped and color-coded to show the instantaneous changes in acoustic energy. Sections of the infrastructure can be individually defined for flexible alarm levels and types. Defined information is interfaced into higher level train management systems, enabling easy integration.




Why you should choose AP Sensing!

Feature Benefit
Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) systems ...continuous and continual acoustic and vibration data along entire track for train detection, asset condition monitoring and protection from TPI.
Superior coherent optical time domain reflectometry (COTDR) ...longest range, high sensitivity and high linearity.
Comprehensive SmartVision™ management suite ...GIS positioning and easy-to-integrate interfaces for network management systems.
Dual integrity detection scheme, utilizing smart algorithms and supervised AI   …best in-class detection and classification capabilities. 


Our solutions monitor key application areas, including:

  • Train location, speed, direction (also underground or in tunnels)
  • Train integrity (length), number of train cars, bogies
  • Track condition monitoring (cracks, joints)
  • Train defect monitoring (flat wheel, brake noise)
  • Intrusion detection (vandalism, cable theft)
  • Natural hazards detection (rockfall, landslide, tree fall, flooding)
  • Objects on track detection (work crews, persons, animals)
  • Railroad crossing management (trespassers)
  • Overhead contact line/Catenary flash-over detection
  • Fire detection in cable ducts
  • Cable overload monitoring and detection

Some of the listed features are already proven in extensive field tests, others need to be further developed and tested.

As we develop our products from the research and manufacturing stages to the project commissioning and maintenance, AP Sensing offers a completely integrated, end-to-end solution. Our team works together with you to select the right combination of technologies to fit your requirements. We also provide onsite services, hotline support, maintenance and product training.



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