Agilent & AP Sensing

Agilent Technologies Inc. and AP Sensing agree that AP Sensing is taking over the world wide sales, marketing and engineering responsibilities for Agilent’s Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) business.

Agilent is supporting the foundation of a new company that will exclusively focus on the DTS market. The name of the new company is “AP Sensing GmbH”, a German company located close to the Agilent site in Boeblingen, Germany. Agilent will continue to supply the current DTS products and core optical technology to AP Sensing. AP Sensing will take over the sole responsibility of sales, marketing and future product development. With this set up business continuity for our partners and customers will be guaranteed and the evolving needs of the market will be best addressed.

Strategic Focus on the Emerging DTS Market!

Agilent has successfully developed a high quality DTS product, meeting customer needs in focused markets and regions through system integrators and OEM partners. In order to better address the many emerging applications in different industries Agilent has concluded that a specialized DTS company will be best positioned to serve that market.

DTS technology measures a temperature profile along an optical fiber over several kilometers. The Agilent DTS performs measurements down to 1 meter spatial resolution with less than 0.1°C temperature resolution providing thousands of measurement points in a single trace capture. This technology is used in a wide range of applications including: fire detection, power transmission & distribution cable monitoring, oil well performance monitoring and industrial sensing.

The DTS product portfolio includes three product Series, specialized for various application requirements:

• Outdoor Series: only outdoor DTS on the market, offering the widest operating temperature range and lowest power consumption
• Indoor Series: ideally suited for rack based monitoring applications
• Fire Detection Series: VdS; CCC certified to the longest measurement range in the market (8km)

The design of all three product series is based on a low power semiconductor laser for maximum life time and a proprietary code correlation concept for high dynamic range and good temperature resolution. To ensure highest level of reliability, robustness and longest life operation all optical components are integrated in a hermetically sealed and temperature stabilized optical block, filled with inert gas.