AP Sensing was selected to monitor Kolkata Underground Metro

The Kolkata Metro is within the top five longest operational metro systems in India with over 38 kilometers in combined length and therefore represents an essential component of public transportation in West Bengal. Precise, sensitive and early fire detection is needed to protect underground railway line with high humidity and heavy traffic. In cooperation with our partner TECHFAB Systems, AP Sensing was chosen to commission our Linear Heat Detection (LHD) technology on a 6649 meter underground railroad line between the stations of Phoolbagan and Sealdah.

To ensure maximum safety in the underground metro tunnel, two Linear Heat Detection (LHD) systems were installed in a fully redundant design utilizing their first channel. Even in the case of a system outage or cable fault, this installation provides a continuous ability to monitor the temperature of the metro line along the entirety of the fiber optic cable.

Offering accurate measurements even under severe circumstances, our LHD systems succesfully passed multiple tests in different locations inside the tunnel and the customer will be able to move the project to the next phase in the upcoming months.

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