Bus Duct System Monitoring

Bus Duct System Monitoring

Fiber Optic Sensing for Protection and Monitoring ofBus Duct Systems

Low Voltage Electrical System Monitoring
Low Voltage Electrical System Monitoring
Low Voltage Electrical System Monitoring
Low Voltage Electrical System Monitoring

Continuous Bus Duct Temperature Monitoring

Minimize downtimes by effectively detecting and locating hotspots and other disruptive issues using continuous fiber optic monitoring

Fiber optic sensing technology allows for real-time temperature monitoring of bus ducts, addressing the limitations of traditional methods. This advanced monitoring system not only detects temperature fluctuations promptly, but also offers a proactive approach to identifying overheating and potential damage. Unlike other electrical systems that lack built-in monitoring capabilities, bus ducts equipped with fiber optic sensors eliminate the need for retrofitting discrete sensors or relying on frequent thermal imaging services, which can be expensive and time consuming. Moreover, the technology provides a comprehensive and continuous monitoring solution, ensuring that even inaccessible or hidden areas within assets are effectively observed, minimizing the challenges associated with traditional monitoring systems. 

AP Sensing’s Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution to address additional monitoring needs for electrical systems such as:

  • Continuous BusBar Temperature Monitoring (CBTM) for bus ways, bus ducts and bus bars provides 24/7 measurement, alarming, reporting, and recording of the bus bar temperature.  
  • Continuous Switchgear Temperature Monitoring (CSTM) provides a simple, effective solution for monitoring all switchgear with a single DTS system, enabling automated, remote and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Continuous Generator and Transformer Monitoring (CGTM) allows safe operation at high loads and critical times, without risking asset failure which would result in severe damage to the transformer, generator or backup battery, unscheduled downtimes, high repair costs, and loss of revenue.
  • Continuous Rack Temperature Monitoring (CRTM) detects and locates hotspots and other disruptive conditions which could otherwise result in overheating, which significantly reduces or eliminates the need for manual testing and inspection. 
  • HVAC assets, storage and drainage vessels benefit from 24/7 temperature monitoring, and sewage and drainage may also be continuously monitored for early leak detection in order to prevent outages, pinpoint hotspots, and ensure environmental compliance and operational efficiency.  


Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology comprises a head-end unit and a long length of fiber optic sensor cable that can reach all points of interest (POI) within the asset. The sensor cable is an ordinary fiber optic cable, terminated on the DTS head end, and can be up to 10 kilometers in length per channel. It is important to note that this sensor cable is dielectric and passive and can therefore be used in the vicinity of bare metal busbars.

DTS offers permanent consistent temperature measurements, with updates every minute. It precisely pinpoints the location of hot spots, identifying the exact POI, and seamlessly integrates with Building Management Systems (BMS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems by industry-standard communication protocols. Hotspot alarms are presented through BMS/SCADA interfaces or via standard IT techniques, ensuring that end-users are automatically informed of detected hotspots and their exact locations. With flexible alarm schemes, users can set static, gradient, and average alarm thresholds, ensuring early detection of issues. Typically, each DTS unit terminates at least four sensor channels.

For electrical applications, a passive, dielectric sensor cable is advantageous, as it is capable of handling temperature peaks of up to 150 degrees Celsius and only one sensor cable is required to reach all points of interest within the asset, up to 10 km in length. The sensor cable may be directly fitted onto bare metal bus bars or within high-power density systems; AP Sensing offers patented accessories for secure and reliable cable installation. 


AP Sensing's SmartVision asset visualization software provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of your electrical assets, including easily accessible temperature profiles and alarms, recording of events for playback and in-depth analysis, aggregation of alarms and interfacing with BMS/SCADA systems via Modbus which facilitates quick responses to issues, support of multiple operator consoles, and upstream communication via SMS over SMMP for additional convenience. 

At AP Sensing, we're committed to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for CBTM and other electrical monitoring applications; our technology ensures the reliability and safety of your electrical assets, preventing costly downtime and disruptions. We offer an integrated, end-to-end solution and our team works together with you to select the right combination of technologies to fit your requirements. We also provide onsite services, hotline support, maintenance, and product trainings. Contact us today to learn more about how our DTS technology and SmartVision software can benefit your data center, industrial site, commercial building, or other facility.

Our solutions offer robust and reliable asset protection for various application areas, including:

  • Continuous BusBar Temperature Monitoring
  • Continuous Switchgear Temperature Monitoring
  • Continuous Rack Temperature Monitoring
  • HVAC assets, storage and drainage vessels


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