AP Sensing

Season's Greetings from AP Sensing!

AP Sensing would like to thank all of our customers and partners for a successful 2015 and for the excellent cooperation we enjoyed together. This year the AP Sensing Christmas donation will address one of the world's most pressing problems: the plight of Syrian refugees. Ongoing conflicts in Syria have led to more than 4,000,000 refugees.


Supporting refugee camps

The CARE organization is providing life-saving services to Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Yemen. This includes support for rent, food and health services, as well as psychosocial assistance to help the families cope with violence, flight, and the loss of family and friends.


The CARE organization was founded in 1945 in the USA, originally to address the acute hunger in post-war Europe. In its first two decades over 100 million of their famous “CARE packages” were sent to Europe, Asia, and the developing world.