LNG Terminal Leak Detection & Monitoring

AP Sensing's Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology was installed at Elengy's Fos-Tonkin LNG terminal in Fos sur Mer, France, providing continuous leak detection and thermal monitoring along the jetty. This project showcases the critical importance of advanced monitoring solutions in LNG terminals to enhance safety and prevent potential disasters.

Our DTS technology, specifically designed for challenging environments, was implemented to monitor the terminal’s jetty for thermal variations and potential leaks. The system's high spatial resolution allows for precise measurements of temperature changes at multiple points, making it possible to detect leaks and other thermal anomalies swiftly and accurately. Additionally, a seismic rack was installed to provide enhanced stability and resistance against seismic events.

One of the standout features of our DTS system is its ability to deliver real-time data, which is essential for leak detection and swift preventative action. Furthermore, the technology is designed to be low-maintenance and is unaffected by electromagnetic interference or extreme conditions, underscoring its suitability for critical applications in harsh environments.

The successful integration of our system with Elengy's infrastructure underscores our commitment to driving safety and efficiency in the energy sector.