Linear Heat Series Seminar in Taiwan

On July 30th, 2016, the Chairman of the Fire Protection Society of R.O.C., Professor Gao Shi Feng, gave a presentation on the advantages of AP Sensing‘s Linear Heat Series.

Some 85 engineers, all members of the Fire Protection Professional Association, were in attandance for the lively and interactive session.

Professor Gao covered the basic technical principles of DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) operation, while emphasizing the advantages over conventional methods of fire detection: the fiber optic sensor cable‘s immunity to dust, dirt, humidity and EMI. AP Sensing‘s patented code-correlation technology ensures the industry‘s best detection performance and our use of a low-powered laser makes it safe to use in hazardous areas. With the industry‘s most complete set of test reports and certifications, operators can be sure that they comply to all relevant security standards.