Safeguarding critical railway infrastructure with Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

Over the weekend, targeted sabotage to the German rail operator, Deutsch Bahn, caused disruptions to train services in northern Germany. Thousands of passengers were stranded at stations due to intentionally severed communication cables in two different locations. However, extensive and careful preparation to defend against such attacks are possible.

AP Sensing's Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) solutions help detect, locate, and identify Third Party Intrusion (TPI) events affecting rail infrastructure. The detection and localization of abnormal activities is conducted in real time, enabling immediate countermeasures. This helps to prevent major damage and identify the possible perpetrator. The data collected and stored by AP Sensing's DFOS solutions can also contribute significantly to the investigation of acts of sabotage. In addition, these solutions help to increase efficiency and network capacity, and ultimately save costs. This technology is already being used by major European rail companies.

With AP Sensing's DFOS solutions, excavation activities such as tunnelling, shoveling, dredging, and opening shafts are recorded, classified, and localized in real time.

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