A Q&A with the AP Sensing Marketing Intern

AP Sensing Marketing Intern Dikshya Karki has spent the last eight months at AP Sensing, first as an intern, then as a working student writing a master’s thesis at the same time. We caught up with her recently at the end of her work term to learn more about her experience working at AP Sensing.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and journey. Why did you accept an internship position at AP Sensing – why AP Sensing?

Background: I moved to Germany from Nepal in 2019 to pursue an MBA Degree. Being in a foreign country with little knowledge of German, I feel very fortunate to have worked with AP Sensing as an Intern, a Working Student, and a Master Thesis Candidate in the Marketing department for 8 months.

I chose to work at AP Sensing because my interests highly matched with the roles and responsibilities that I was to perform. It was during the interview that I got to see the core competencies of AP Sensing as an employer and that is when I made my decision. Not only did I agree to an internship, but I was also offered to write my master’s thesis on one of the topics in Digital Marketing. It was like a cherry on top moment for me!

Q: What has been your most valuable learning at AP Sensing?

While I have learned quite a lot during this period, one experience I believe has added high value is the mentality that in a professional setting, you should enjoy or like what you are doing. When you enjoy doing the tasks you’re given, you will not feel as if it is an assignment with a deadline but rather an assignment that makes a valuable addition to your personality as well as the company’s. This comes with the flexibility of bringing your ideas to the table, being vocal, coordinating, and getting support from the team to ultimately execute something fruitful.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge?

One of the major challenges for me here was to meet the expectations of the team with my deliverables. As I had not worked for a corporate firm before, I was not very confident that the deliverables I gave would satisfy my managers and supervisors. However, with time, I learned that I have the ‘overcoming a challenge’ mentality in me which is why I was able to channel my creative side and bring new ideas and results without being nervous about the results.

Q: How would you describe the work culture?

The work environment at AP Sensing is very transparent, progressive, and nurturing. No matter the time of the day, if you have a question or help that you need, everyone is ready to put their best foot forward. Language is never a barrier here. There is diversity in the organization in terms of nationalities as well as the educational background so one can learn each other’s culture while also having fun at work. Something that I highly appreciate at AP Sensing is its trust policy and flexibility for employees in terms of working hours.

Q: What is something unexpected about working here?

Most of the people working here have a Ph.D. Degree or are engineers or physicists!

Q: What are some of your favorite things about AP Sensing?

My favorite things at AP Sensing have been my supportive colleagues, token of appreciation that you get when a task is done successfully, workplace environment, company’s trust-based policy, no language barrier, independent, yet structured style of working, home office flexibility, open and transparent communication, a dynamic international team, and how respectful people are to one another.

Q: What’s one way you’ve grown professionally since beginning at AP Sensing?

I would say that I have become disciplined in terms of behavior in a corporate setting where I learned to communicate professionally, precisely and learned to work within the confined boundaries of the corporate identity and branding.

Q: What is your advice to future AP Sensing interns and employees?

I highly recommend AP Sensing as an employer to people looking for a company that they can grow with. I was able to work in three different positions in such a short time, thanks to the company’s constant guidance. If you are not afraid of asking questions, are open-minded, love to work with a competent team, and more importantly want to be yourself at work then AP Sensing is the best choice you could opt for.

Thank you once again to everyone who helped me get here and I shall miss working at AP Sensing.

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