AP Sensing Monitors Solar Energy in the Middle East

AP Sensing completed and commissioned a solar energy monitoring project in March 2019. This project monitors the Sweihan Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant, an extremely large solar plant located in the middle of the desert in Abu Dhabi. The plant has an output of 1.17GW and is expected to become the world’s largest plant in the renewable energy sector upon completion of its construction.

At the Sweihan Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant, AP Sensing is monitoring two 220KV cable circuits. The project utilizes two DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) systems in a rack with RTTR (Real Time Thermal Rating). One of the cable circuits is 4.9km long, while the other is 2.8km. Monitoring these power cables is important because the power generated through solar energy varies seasonally, leading to drastically changing cable loads.