Rail Tunnel Safety in Malaysia

The twin Berapit rail tunnels each have a length of 3.3 km and run between Padang Rengas and Taiping. When the tunnel operators needed to provide a fire detection system, they turned to AP Sensing's DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) solution.


One DTS device with two channels of 4 km range was installed to monitor both tunnels with a length of 3.3 km each. A total of 19 zones were defined for each channel. UL standards were applied to define the alarm settings in each zone.

In the control room an operator always has a current overview of the temperature status in the tunnels. In case of an alarm he can zoom in to the hotspot with a CCTV camera and activate the ventilation fan and water suppression system.

All relevant DTS information is linked into the SCADA system and fire panel.

After a successful SAT (Site Acceptance Test) the AP Sensing Support team delivered an onsite training course for the entire staff, including a hands-on session in the control room.

In conclusion, a vital Malaysian rail tunnel now has maximum fire safety measures successfully implemented with the industry's most rugged and reliable DTS solution. A valuable infrastructure is protected and great care has been given to personal safety.