Distributed temperature sensing,<br /> newly defined

Distributed temperature sensing,
newly defined

Designed for the most demanding applications

Developing the DTS N45-Series

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Get an inside look at how customer requirements led to the development of a completely new and improved DTS, with new levels of temperature sensing and asset monitoring, breaking limits of time, space and accuracy.

Unmatched Performance

AP Sensing’s new and completely improved Raman DTS offers the longest measurement range with 70 km. And the best performance at shorter lengths with fast measurement times down to 1 second.

Absolute precision for results you can trust

Raman technology does not suffer from the cross-talk of other physical parameters, such as strain. You get absolute measurement accuracy and data that you can trust, even after years of operation under severe operating conditions

Safety is key

AP Sensing uses the real-time operating system VxWorks, the same system deployed in NASA space missions and by the aerospace industry. Your data security is important to us, and it is virtually impossible to use the N45 Series as a gateway for cyber attacks.

Easy handling for maximum usability

AP Sensing offers flexible installation and housing options to fit your needs: rack-mounted, outdoors, or as part of a larger network. An intuitive web-based user interface and the high-definition display ensure fast configurations and system set-up.


Thanks to 35+ years of measurement expertise, AP Sensing has attained benchmark levels of quality, ruggedness and reliability with the industry‘s lowest failure rate and the most complete set of type tests and certifications.

  • Best Performance
  • Unrivaled Design
  • Absolute Precision
  • Intuitive Usability
  • Maximum Security


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